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Proud member of The Northern Kentucky Youth Football League Established - 1958

Dixie Raider Youth Football

Welcome to the 2015 Season!

Starters: Tuesday - Thursday, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM.  Once school starts, Tuesday will be optional, Wednesday and Thursday will be mandatory.

Midgets/Juniors: Monday - Thursday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM.

We will be accepting credit cards this year for fee's, spirit wear, and concessions. Please see T.J. Day if you would like to pay fee's or spirit wear with a credit card. We are hoping that this will make it more convenient for everyone!!

If you have any questions or concerns please email dixieyouthraiders@gmail.com or talk to your Team Mom / Dad.

Team Mom's / Dad
T.j. Day
Amy Goodall Rice
Kathy Trennepohl Roaden                   

About Us:
Dixie Youth Raiders was established to fulfill a demonstrated need and desire in the community for a team focused  competitive program. The program is a choice alternative to purely recreational programs, and will provide a more focused development of young athletes. Similar to many situations, we recognize that all skill levels exist in a community and through a focused program, young athletes can achieve great success when provided an opportunity. Therefore, we endeavor to surround each of our teams with the tools to excel against higher skilled and competitive players and teams.

Our Mission:
To provide quality youth programs with a team focus that stresses the progressive development of each and every participant through knowledge, skills, fitness, fun, and sportsmanship with a competitive spirit for the young men and women that live in the Dixie High school neighborhoods.

Our Focus:
Safety: Dixie Youth Raiders has endorsed the USA Football Heads Up Tackling Program. Young athletes may get hurt playing any sport, but we must prepare ourselves and them with the proper techniques and guidance to prevent injuries. Coaches constantly supervise their players and stop any unsafe activities through positive redirection.

Sportsmanship: The golden rule should always apply to treat others as you would have them treat you. We will play by the rules and our coaches and players will respect all involved in a practice, a game, or a program event. Our coaches will be role models in sportsmanship, exhibiting good sporting behavior and guiding their players to do the same.

Positive Competition: We believe competition is a positive process when the pursuit of victory is kept in the right perspective. The right perspective is when coaches, parents, and players make decisions that put the best interests of the team before winning. Learning to compete is important for all and learning to cooperate in a competitive world is essential to life. Through Dixie Youth Raiders we want to help share and allow players the opportunity to learn these lessons in a positive manner.

Family Engagement: The entire Dixie Youth Raiders program encourages parental involvement in our sports programs. We encourage parents and family members to be a part of the team at practice and at games in a positive manner. We also encourage our coaches to engage parents through two‐way communication throughout the season to achieve the highest development for each young athlete.

Fun: Team sports are naturally fun for most kids. Sometimes when adults become involved in children’s sporting activities they over‐organize and dominate the activities to the point that it destroys the enjoyment of the sport. If we take the fun out of sports for young athletes, we are in danger of the young athletes taking themselves out of sports.

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